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The digital currency that transforms the properties in commodities! Bloc Coin (BLO) is a Bloc House Corporation exclusive creation, also called ''Real Estate Market Currency. BLO is an incredible stable coin present in the corporation funds, with big chances of appreciation! Each BLO is equal to cm2 (square centimeters) of the property, making possible to liquidate Bloc Coins in houses and apartments in various locations - or just fractions of it.


The Bloc House Corporation's philanthropic initiative! Through selling Bloc Coins, 10% of the revenue is redirected to My Bloc! That way, various families, refugees, and individuals in vulnerable situations are financially helped with residential restorations.


Bloc List is a digital real estate registry office! Cm2 purchases and sales are made in Bloc Coin, Bitcoin and Ethereum, authenticated by the Blockchain network and Bloc List advanced technology. When you buy cm2 with Bloc Coins, you get Cash Back, a Bloc Coin credit to be used on the platform!


BlocBook is an amazing Bloc House Corporation service, merging the advanced technology to a complete and modern marketplace. Our platform works like some sort of booking for hotel networks and rentable houses, using cryptocurrencies as the payment method.