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Bloc House is ready to revolutionize the real estate market!

To democratize investments in real estate funds, making them accessible and practical, comes Bloc House Corporation, real estate fund manager, that has as its main characteristic the old models breaking through technology.

Real estate funds (FII) are investment funds, where a group of resources is invested in real estate ventures. An FII is made in the shape of a closed condominium, divided into shares. These shares represent ideal patrimony portions.

The fund generated by Bloc House Corporation will be tokenized in cm2, raising the property's liquidity. That will allow fraction sales that can be paid in Bloc Coin and other cryptocurrencies. The currency's value is ensured by the fund, due to the tokenization and revenue through rentals, purchases, sales, and even buildings.



My Bloc is a non-profit foundation sponsored by Bloc House Corporation, aimed at humanitarian actions. Its objective is to bring share capital and marketing to the project, gathering whatever is necessary to help social causes. This program is financed through 10% of Bloc Coin gathering, seeking to contribute to a dignified future to the communities that don't own real estate credit or financial conditions to supply its needs.


Fintech is the system that will be used to offer micro-financing and loans to buildings, expansions, and restorations to low-income people. We can say that this is the union to the financial area with technology, seeking to optimize the economic system and social entrepreneurship services! These financings are essential to supply necessary means to maintain all processes from My Bloc's project.


Bloc Village is a humanitarian action to build and administrate sustainable residences to homeless people. This work is aimed at families in a vulnerable situation, providing these people a path to human dignity. Donations are destined to the building of villages and refugee fields to the victims of a catastrophe.

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